Patient rooms and Dr Singh smile at All Valley Smiles in Ilion, NY

Complete Dental Care in Ilion, NY

About Dr. Singh:
Graduating from the University of Detroit, School of Dentistry in 1994, Dr. Talbir Singh is an experienced professional who remains current in all the latest oral health and dental techniques. Completing his one-year post-graduate General Practice Residency via Faxton-St. Luke's Healthcare Hospital, Dr. Singh has the necessary experience in the field to provide patients with the best care possible. After establishing his own private practice in 2002, Dr. Singh ... Read more
"Come enjoy your dental experience in our tastefully decorated opetories. Relax and let our professional team handle all of your dental concerns."
All Valley Smiles, Ilion, NY patient rooms
Patient Rooms at All Valley Smiles in Ilion, NY
Patient Rooms at All Valley Smiles in Ilion, NY

Safety with a Smile
As a client-conscientious business, All Valley Smiles believes that following safety protocol is crucial. Our patients are like our own family. Protecting our clienteles' best interests and health falls in line with the level of care we provide our patients. Using recommendations from the ADA (American Dental Association), the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) as guidelines for our dental procedures, we ensure safe practice through enforcement of strict sterilization and stringent processes to negate cross-contamination within our facility.
We Believe in Prevention Because:
  • Restorative dental services can cost three times more than preventative services such as dental exams and dental cleanings.
  • Restorative work stops disease but cannot recoup gum or natural tooth loss.
  • Children receiving preventive care are less likely to have dental problems later on.
We accept cash, checks, major credit cards and provide affordable payment plans via CareCredit. All co-payments or deductibles are due at time of service. Our office employees will gladly assist you in the application or insurance claims process to ensure things go smoothly and without hassle.